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Ship Manifest
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 Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page #  0509
 Boldt, Bertha Dec 15, 1894 Bremen -
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Manifest for Salier
Sailing from Bremen
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence
0090.  Hargenrider, Rapliz M 26y S Germany  
0091.  Hokkild, Sofia F 22y   Finland  
0092.  Tettokonga, Marie F 23y   Finland  
0093.  Karikka, Maria F 17y   Finland  
0094.  Lusto, Leander M 31y   Finland  
0095.  Wesoja, Erkj M 47y   Finland  
0096.  Kotka, Ida F 27y   Finland  
0097.  Honkamien, Neikki M 30y   Finland  
0098.  Boldt, Herman M 30y M Germany  
0099.  Boldt, Emilie F 35y M Germany  
0100.  Boldt, Wilhelm M 6y   Germany  
0101.  Boldt, Emilia F 4y   Germany  
0102.  Boldt, Bertha F 3y   Germany  
0103.  Boldt, Louisa F 1y 5m   Germany  
0104.  Boldt, Herman M 1m   Germany  
0104.  Zindra, Marie F 54y M Austria  
0105.  Zindra, Vadan M 20y   Austria  
0106.  Hanousck, Filipina F 18y S Bohemia  
0107.  Stransky, Wilomena F 15y S Bohemia  
0108.  Sadelka, Carolina F 17y S Bohemia  
0109.  Stenka, Te... M 26y   Bohemia  
0110.  Stenka, Marie F 22y   Bohemia  
0111.  Sonka, Frank M 41y M Bohemia  
0112.  MatoNsek, Josef M 18y S Bohemia  
0113.  Kadyeso, Albnia F 26y S Bohemia  
0114.  Stock, Carl M 16y S Germany  
0115.  Ortter, Caro M 22y S Germany  
0116.  Startsberger, Peter M 57y M U.S.  
0117.  Hofman, Christian M 18y S Germany  
0118.  Hageder, Friedr. M 23y S Germany  
0119.  Zander, Adolf M 31y M Germany  
 Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line # Page #  0090
 Boldt, Bertha Dec 15, 1894 Bremen -
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